Japanese Detox

So it has been more than one month since I came to the Land of Rising Sun and so far I'm good. My commitment to study Japanese goes well and I must say that I progress a lot. However after such a long time of reading Japanese, you might feel that you really need a break. So, I decided to buy myself a book in English (I don't expect that I could find one in my native language) to allow my mind rest a bit from  kanji characters. My mom got so worry about my paper entertainment, that she decided to send me some contemporary prose (My mom is a true Bree van de Kamp). The problem is that the post in my country is not fully reliable and sometimes you might wait ages till the parcel reaches your mailbox. I decided to look around a bit to find something here, and again things are not as easy as you might expect. Although book stores are enormous here, rarely foreign books are available (apart from English handbooks for the Japanese). I felt so depressed. For the first time I had such a need for a book in that Sahara dessert of English prose. I asked the holy oracle (google) for help and I found a very nice place called Green E books. It's a second hand shop where you can sell or buy a used book. I received a flayer about the rules of selling used books and the first rule was "no Japanese books".
 Cool. The store itself also has a very friendly atmosphere and you feel really relaxed while browsing the contents of  the bookshelves. I bought my first choice 'Wicked' by Gregory Maguire for a very reasonable price. It was the first time I'm so happy to buy a book and I know it would be special.


  1. is it a good book? what is it about?? should i get it?

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